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Interface.js is a cross-platform library for touch, mouse and motion events oriented towards live performance. The library can be used to control JavaScript objects in the same web page, but can also be used to control remote applications using both MIDI and OSC using the included node.js script or the Interface.js Server application.

One goal of the library was to enable programmers to avoid having to place interface widgets using CSS and HTML; in general I don't think using all three technologies together make sense for the types of performance oriented layouts this library is intended for. As such, no knowledge of CSS is needed and a basic web page only needs html, head, body and script tags in order to create a full-window interface. There is an interface editor for people who would like to visually design interfaces that output MIDI and OSC instead of programming them in JavaScript.

Interface.js depends on zepto.js; jQuery can also be used. If you use Interface.js in conjunction with Interface.Server, Zepto will be loaded automatically upon including the interface.js script file in your html document.

See the reference documentation